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Our team

We are a diverse team of experts hailing from various fields, each with over a decade of professional experience, and many of us are pioneers in our respective domains.


With a solid educational foundation, including undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology. Our founder dedicated 14 years in the banking and financial industry, where she honored her skills in capital management. In 2015, she was invited to join the Alipay, where she integrated the principles of fund management with big data to establish a comprehensive system for fund pool management and optimization, serving platforms such as Alipay and Yu'EBao. Driven by her vision and expertise, in 2023, she founded Genki corporation.

Sandy Chen




Ant Financial(Alipay)

Fund Management Advisor


Bank of East Asia

Treasurer&Money Market dealer


Westlb AG 

Finance Officer





  • Oversea study and work background and familiar with Japanese enterprise culture and working style

  • Thirteen years of international Retail/E-commerce working experience in Sales, Business Development, Merchandising and Consultant for Sumitomo corporation and Amazon Japan

  • Rich Project experience under English/Japanese/Chinese ambiguity circumstances

  • An unwavering commitment to customer services, with high motivation and ability to build productive relationships,
    resolve complex issues and maintain customer relationship 

Ben Zhou

Helen Yao holds an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and possesses extensive expertise and practical experience in areas such as brand marketing, digital media strategy, and social marketing.

Helen Yao

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